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Monday, January 23, 2006

Assignment for the week of January 23 to 30th

So most of us have finally logged on to Blogger, but most of us still are rather apprehensive of using a blog to its potential.

As you all know you were handed back your tests today, and everyone should have their tests by the end of tomorrow. As well I have extended the deadline to Monday to correct your errors, if you so choose, on your test and submit it for marks. Remember that you must use a seperate piece of looseleaf for your corrections.

So here is your assignment.

You must do one of two things.
1 - Create a post on something that you did understand from either the test or this week's class, remember just simply saying I didn't understand question 40 on the test, or happy numbers doesn't work. You need to decribe your problem in more detail, such as I don't understand how come 0 and 5 are the only two happy numbers.

2 - Your other option is to help out a fellow student by creating a comment on their post. This helping hand must give them the information that they need to help solve their problem, not just the answer. The information that you would have to provide someone is very similar if not identical to what you have to do with your own test in order to gain additional bonus marks.

You can submit your post or comment up until Monday at 7pm after which I will not accept for grades any additional posts or comments. This does not however meant that you should discontinue posting questions, or creating comments on classmates posts.

Mr. R


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