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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brain teaser

See if you can discover the pattern, Mr. R

Ancient Patterns

Twins Sari and Devon have gone to the jungles of South America to explore the lost city of Xaitec with their parents, who are part of a team of archaeologists. The path to the great temple is lined with pairs of stone columns, but the pairs of columns are not evenly spaced. Using a meter tape, the twins measure the distances between successive pairs of columns. Starting from the temple, the distances between pairs of columns are 7.8 m, 7.8 m, 15.6 m, 23.4 m, and 39 m. Since the paved road between the columns continues for some distance, the archaeologists suspect there are more fallen columns hidden in the jungle growth.

Where should the twins tell the archaeologists to look for the next pair of columns?


  • The answer is 62.4 meters. i found out by adding the first one and the next one together. Whatever that number was I added it to the next number and etc. until I got to 62.4 meters. And MAximus is me Maxine Achtemichuk from room 7-72

    By Blogger maximus, at 1/21/2006 9:59 PM  

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