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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Practice Word Questions

Here are a few practice word questions. I will post the answers in another post that you can find lower on my blog.

#1. Lucia's father bought a stock whose value was $49. Over teh nest 5 weeks the value of the stock dropped by $3 per week.
a) What is the current value of the stock?
b) What value had the stock lost after 4 weeks?

#2.Andrew and Megan were on a school quiz team. They were awarded 10 points for each correct answer and they lost 5 points for each incorrect answer. If they answered 15 questions correctly and 7 questions incorrectly what was their final score?

#3.Its Monday and its lunch time and you are hungry. You borrow $3 from one friend and $2 from another. On tuesday you bring enough money to repay both friends and still have $4 left over to buy a drink and sandwich. How much money did you bring with you to school?


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