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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Scribe is beginning

Today is an exciting day for myself as a teacher, for you the students are truly becoming involved in each other's learnings; The sribe posts have begun in 7-72. Don't worry 7-42, 7-43, 7-44 your time will come soon enough, you too will have the opportunity to teach your fellow students.

So what is the reponsibilities of the scribe you ask? Well they are as follows:

1 - What happened in class today, i.e. what did we do. Did we just take notes, did we participate in an activity, was there group work etc.
2 - What did we learn during these activities, Mr. Reece's ramblings etc.
3 - What new information were we presented with (this is where you get to teach and share with one another, very important!)
4 - Is there anything that I did not understand that my classmates/Mr. Reece can help me with?
5 - Is there any homework
6 - Are there any links relating to today's class.

Remember your job is to reteach the class for those that were not there in body or mind. You need to summarize the notes, provide examples of questions done in class and pick a scribe for the next day. Being a scribe is meant to be fun.

The amount of effort put in is up to you, but the more you do, the more your classmates benefit.

Mr. R


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