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Monday, February 13, 2006

Week of Feb 13 to 17

Spirit week is upon us grade 7's which means that there will be very little time spent in classrooms this week, but that does not mean that our learning has to end as well.

Assignments that are due by this Friday at 9am so that they can be recorded onto our term 2 report card.

TLE - Check your own blog for more information on what is due.

Blog Assignment - You need to solve one of the 4 brain teasers that have been submitted by your fellow students. You must reply as a comment to the original brain teaser post in order to receive credit

Classroom assignment - You must post both the question and a solution for your assigned problem on the blog. You must post as well the final letters that outline the secret word. You must post this on your own classroom blog.

Quiz Corrections - If you wish to make corrections either of the sheets from the quiz you MUST MAKE THESE CORRECTIONS ON A SEPERATE PIECE OF LOOSELEAF PAPER or else you will not receive credit. These corrections are due by Friday morning.

So enjoy your time off from the classroom, participate in spirit week, keep learning and most importantly have FUN!
Mr. R


  • Hi Mr. Reece! You said to write the answer to the problem solver here so Pheanix and I would be sure to get our mark, so here it is:
    James, Pheanix, Kenny
    Question # 1
    Q: The Slammers baseball team has five pitchers: Joe, Spud, Lefty, Mark, and Java. The team has two catchers: Hank and Pico. How many different pitcher-catcher combinations can be used?
    Each pitcher on the team can throw to either of the catchers. They cannot, however, throw to each other. So the answer would be:
    1. Joe-->Hank
    2. Joe-->Pico
    3. Spud-->Hank
    4. Spud-->Pico
    5. Lefty-->Hank
    6. Lefty-->Pico
    7. Mark-->Hank
    8. Mark-->Pico
    9. Java-->Hank
    10. Java-->Pico
    There are 10 possible pitcher-catcher combinations.

    By Blogger anonymousfroggit, at 2/14/2006 11:09 PM  

  • Mr.Reece, what happened to the answer to the question that we had to do. It was about you spending your money and you asked how much was the dvd and the lunch?

    Kim Thanh Vo rm 7-43

    By Blogger Smiiliies, at 2/15/2006 1:22 PM  

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