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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sample questions with circles

For the following 4 questions you have to find these 4 pieces of information. You need to find the Diameter, Radius, Circumference and Area.


Circle #2

Circle #3

Circle #4

Answers to the questions
Question #1 D = 8cm, R = 4cm, C =25.12cm, A = 50.24cm2

Question #2 D = 13m, R=6.5m, C=40.82m, A = 132.665m2

Question #3 D = 19cm, R = 9.5cm, C = 59.66cm, A = 283.385cm2

Question #4 D = 10m, R = 5m, C = 31.4m, A= 78.5m2


  • hi my name is Ellie and i go to river hights school and i just wanted to let you know that your link to the triangles is not working well it works but it doesnt go anywhere but to a blank page

    well i just wanted to know
    and by the nice site its helped me with some of my stuff.


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