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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Growing Post Questions Due Monday May15th

Question #1: What is meant by the terms "Rotation Symmetry" and "Reflection Symmetry"? How does this relate to pentominoes? Explain these terms so that anyone who reads your post understands what you mean.

Question #2: Create a pattern. You must represent this pattern both pictorially (i.e. with a picture or diagram) and with numbers. You must show the first 4 steps of your pattern.

Question #3: Describe in words what is occuring with your pattern and if your pattern has an ending or if it continues on indefinately. Make sure that your explanation is clear enough that the person reading your description could understand your pattern without seeing your diagram.

Question #4: Create a T-Chart that shows what is happening with your pattern. You must show the first 4 steps of your pattern with the T-chart.

Remember if you are having problems with these answers use your friends and the internet to help you discover the answers to your questions.

Happy Posting everyone.
Mr. R


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