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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The growing post

The growing post.

So what you may ask is a growing post?
Well this is your chance to reflect and speak about what you have learned in class. It is a chance for you to share your throught and ideas on topics that we have covered in class.

Think of the growing post as a perfect way to check that you are learning what you need to know in class, and that you have tested your knowledge and are confident in what you have learned.

So how does the growing post work?
Every week you will be given questions in class that relate to the material that we will learn that week. During the week take a few minutes (10 to 15 max) to try to answer a question or two based upon the topics that we have covered in class. If you choose blogger as your medium for doing the growing post continue to add to the same post throughout the week. Do not create a new post for each addition to your post. If you choose paper and pen, make sure that you keep your growing post in your duotang as you must hand it in each Monday after class.

Examples of growing posts.
Mr. Harbeck's classes have been creating their own growing posts for the past few weeks. Here are examples of some of the best growing posts that his students have created.

Grade 8 Growing Post Hall of Fame
Check the right side of my blog for the link to the Grade 8 Growing Post Hall of Fame or click here

My Own Growing Post
I will construct my own growing post based upon knowledge that is learned this week around these unique 4 questions.

1. What are pentominoes and how many unique pentominoes can we create?

2. Identify the pattern that is occuring in the following shapes and relate what is happening with the pattern with words.

3. Create a Algebraic function that describes what is occuring in this pattern.

4. Use this pattern to express what is happening with the 10th, 25th and 50th shape.

I will answer these 4 questions throughout the week highlighting how to create the growing post here on my blog.

Mr. R


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