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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Week of May 8th to 12th

This week we are starting our final unit of the year, dealing with the wonderful concept of Algebra.

We will be focusing upon multiple areas within the area of algebra from pattern recognition and building to the creation of T-Charts and graphs to help us understand what is occuring in the pattern to finally the creation of our own algebric formulas in order to describe what is occuring in our patterns using concrete language.

Another goal is that we will spend time each day learning how to talk and write about math. We have not in my opinion been spending enough time writing about math and what is happening in our learning.

Finally we will be integrating blogger more closely into this final unit with a concept called the growing post (it will act as a reflection piece for what we are learning in class.) This growing post will be worth a significant portion of this unit's marks so it will be wise to either spend time on blogger during the week or be prepared to create your growing post on paper and keep safe care of it over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

This unit promises to be plenty of fun so be prepared to challenge your mind these next few weeks everyone!

See you on Monday.

Mr R.


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