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Friday, June 23, 2006


I just wanted to congradulate everyone for writing all of your exams this week. I know that everyone tried their best and hopefully you will be happy with your results.

The final week of school is almost upon us. Here is what is happening each day next week.

Monday - Admin day, enjoy lying in the sun and having fun with your friends
Tuesday - Activity day. We will be showing a movie in the gym in the morning, having pizza at 11am, and then leaving to go bowling at 11:45. We will be back to the school by 2:30. If you want to bring extra money to either buy some more lunch from the cafeteria, or to purchase items at the bowling alley you are encouraged. I do however recommend that you leave your valuables (cellphones etc.) at home that day.
Wednesday - Grade 7 and 8 awards in the morning.
Thursday - Grade 9 awards and grad in the morning. You are welcome to attend grade 7's
Friday - Report cards are handed out at 11:30am.

Enjoy your long weekend everyone. Remember to bring back your math textbook if you haven't already returned it, or else your parents will have to pay the cost of replacing the text.

See you on Tuesday!

Mr. Reece


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