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Monday, June 12, 2006

Final Week of Review before exams

We are into our final week of review before exams begin on Friday.

Here is the plan for each day this week.
Monday: We will review Equivalent fractions and converting between fractions and decimals
Tuesday: We will review adding and subtracting fractions
Wednesday: We will review the number line along with adding and subtracting negative numbers
Thursday: We will review what we need to know in geometry for the final

You will be receiving from me between 2 and 4 worksheets each class. These worksheets along with your 3 point approaches act as your exam package. Do the worksheets to see where you might be having any problems, and then you can either work with a friend or come and see me during exam week in order to clear up any confusion.

Remember that you can bring with you 3 3-point approaches to your exam. you will turn in these 3-pt approaches after you have finished. Each 3-pt approach is worth 10 marks that count towards your term 3 assignment marks.

Have a great week everyone and lets make our final week a great one!

Mr. R


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