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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Aids for the Quiz on Thursday March 23rd

Here are a few online quizes that you should help you prepare for tomorrow.

Sample Quiz #1 This quiz focuses upon the basic five angles

Sample Quiz #2 This quiz focuses upon finding a missing angle

Sample Quiz #3 This quiz focuses upon complementary and supplementary angles

If you wish to review some of your worksheets These would be great questions to try again.
10.2 Questions 1 to 3, 10 to 12
10.4 Questions 1 to 6, 13 to 18
10.5 Questions 4 to 12
10.6 Questions 1 to 6 9 to 14

Happy Studying everyone!

Mr. R

Quiz on Thursday March 23

Here is a reminder of what will be on the quiz tomorrow.

There are five key areas to focus on.

1. Types of angles. You need to know what these 5 key angles are: Acute, Obtuse, Right, Straight and Reflex.

2. Special combination of angles. You need to know what are complementary angles, supplementary angles and opposite angles.

3. How to find missing angles. This is the majority of the quiz. You need to be able to determine the missing angle(s) by using complementary angles, supplementary angles, right angles and the angles of a triangle

4. Polygons. What makes a polygon a polygon. What are the key characteristics of polygons (we took this down in class, if you don't remember check the scribe posts!)

5. Triangles. Triangles are one type of polygon. What makes a triangle different from other polygons? There are 3 key characteristics

I will post some helpful links very shortly to help you with your studying.

Mr. R

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Homework Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone that there is homework due tomorrow. The homework is from the worksheets. You are responsible for completing 10.6 , which involves calculating the missing angle of a triangle.

Hint: Remember that a triangle's angles always equal 180 degrees, opposite angles always are equal, and supplementary angles are 180 degrees.

Have a great night everyone.

Mr. R

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Assignment Due Friday March 24th

You answer this assignment you must reply to this post as a comment. You CANNOT answer this assignment by creating a post on your classroom blog.

This assignment has two parts.

Part 1: There are 5 different types of quadrilaterals (4 sided polygons). I need you to tell me what these five polygons are called, and what the difference is between them. It would be great if you could find pictures of the quadrilaterals, but it is not required.

Part 2. There are 6 different types of triangles. 3 of them are based upon their sides (all three the same, two the same or all unique in length) and three of them based upon their interior angles.

You need you to tell me two types of triangles based upon their sides, and two types of triangles based upon their angles.

Have fun searching everyone! HINT:Remember that google is a powerful tool

Mr. R

Week of March 20 to 24.

Its the final week before spring break and we have a bunch of new ideas that we need to cover in class this week.

On Monday and Tuesday we will be examining polygons. These two days will be spent examining the properties of polygons, what makes a polygon and what characteristics help us distinguish between types of polygons. These characteristics include angles (individual and total sum) and the sides of the polygon (number and length).

Wednesday and thursday will be spent calculating the area and perimeter of triangles.

Friday is activity day with a spring dance for part of the afternoon. While I cannot mention what the activity is, it will involve the construction of geometric shapes for a contest.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend and I will see you tomorrow.

Mr. R

Sunday Afternoon math game

This is a game called gridlock. The object is to slide the blueish grey block into the opening on the right hand side of the game board. In order to do this you will have to slide the other blocks left to right or up and down. A block can only slide right and left OR up and down. The puzzles will grow in difficulty as you advance throught them, but they are loads of fun and are a great puzzle challenge.

Enjoy everyone and I will see you in class tomorrow.

Mr. R

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Night Math Game

Here are some great puzzles for everyone to try out. All of the puzzles and games are free to play, but some of them you need to sign up for a free membership before you give them a try.

Have fun trying to solve the puzzles everyone!

Mr. R

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Assignment Due Thursday March 16

This blog will require you to do a little bit of research on the internet or in a book.

Question #1: I need for you to tell me "What is the definition of a polygon"

Definition: A closed figure that is composed of a FINITE numbre of line segments. It is derived from the greek words "poly" meaning many and "gonia" meaning angle.

Question #2: Is a Circle a polygon?

Answer: No since a circle cannot be constructed by a finite amount of line segments, instead it is a infinite amount of points in a circular path.

Question #3: You need to tell me what the names of polygons with the following sides are.
3 sided = Triangle
4 sided = (remember I did not say that all 4 sides are equal) Quadrilateral
5 sided = pentagon
6 sided = hexagon
8 sided = octagon
10 sided = decagon

Leave your answers as a COMMENT to this post. If you leave the answers on your own blog site you will not receive any credit for this assignment.

Have a great weekend eveyone!

Mr. R

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Night Math Game

Here is your weekly Sunday night math game. This week constant and changing puzzle solving is on the menu. Once again you'll probably want to have a high speed internet connection to try this game, along with a relatively fast computer (only a few years old). So enjoy the puzzle and next week I will post a game that everyone can enjoy

Mr. R

Friday, March 03, 2006

Week of March 6 to 10th.

We have dived right into our next new and exciting unit, shapes and spaces (aka Geometry and Measurement). We have started this unit by examining angles. This week we will be constructing angles, measuring angles, Creating lines, properties of lines and how lines create angles. This will be an exciting week for everyone who is a fan of angles, drawing and using tools such as protractors.

Students will have homework twice this week combined with their blogger assignment.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will see you on Monday.

Mr. R

Assignment due Friday March 10th

In math we are just starting a new and exciting unit on Shapes and Space, or more commonly known as Geometry and Measurement.

There are six questions in this assignment. For each one you must add the given angles together and tell me what the new angle would be in degrees, along with the name of the angle.

Angle 1 = 42°, Angle 2 = 48°. New Angle = 90°. This is a right angle.

1. Angle 1 = 63°, Angle 2 = 37°.
2. Angle 1 = 28°, Angle 2 = 215°
3. Angle 1 = 134°, Angle 2 = 56°
4. Angle 1 = 32°, Angle 2 = 18°, Angle 3 = 40°
5. Angle 1 = 18°, Angle 2 = 16°, Angle 3 = 24°
6. Angle 1 = 72°, Angle 2 = 43°, Angle 3 = 8°, Angle 4 = 57°

To answer this assignment you must respond as a COMMENT to this post. I will publish the comments next weekend, so you do not have to publish the comment more than once, I will have received it, but I am waiting for all submissions before I publish the answers.

Happy blogging everyone and enjoy the weekend.

Mr. R

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Percent Models

Remember that the percent dolls booklet and the model itself are due Thursday in class. You will be evaluated on both the booklet and your model. You need to make sure that all members of your group are written on the last page of your book, and that you have identified your model as belonging to your group.

Mr. R